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1. Estimate are open for acceptance for a period of four weeks, with work commencing within four weeks thereafter, pricing may vary.

2. All payments should be by cheque or bank transfer and payable to Avis Construction (UK) Ltd. Any other form of payment, including cash payments will only be accepted if previously approved in writing by a company director.

3. We will not ask for payment in advance. We will submit invoices in stages of about £5,000 when possible based on our valuation, possibly weekly, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

4. Payments will be due within 3 days of receipt of invoice.

5. Trading terms of any specialist suppliers may differ from ours and may require pre-payments.

6. Cost variations will be based on our Bill of Quantities using pro-rata rates, whenever possible.

7. All prices offered exclude VAT.

8. The notes and criteria used throughout this estimate, form part of our Terms and Conditions.

We use the following general criteria when preparing our estimates to clarify some of the grey areas

9. Estimates are offered as a Lump Sum Fixed Price and include all necessary labour, plant and materials, unless otherwise stated.

10. The breakdown of any quantities, rates or values given are for reference purposes only when preparing valuations and any pro-rata cost variations.

11. Where a Provisional Sum (PS Sum) or Prime Cost (PC Sum) is shown, we have tried to allow a reasonable amount to cover the anticipated cost. The actual cost may however vary, subject to agreeing the specification, quality or design

12. We have allowed for a standard strip foundation depth of 1m, unless otherwise stated.

13. No allowance has been made for remedial work to any defect that may become apparent in any existing structure, sub-structure or drainage.

14. We have assumed that any existing foundations to be built over, are satisfactory.

15. We have not allowed for breaking out any existing, hidden foundations or excessively thick concrete unless otherwise stated.

16. Some existing ground floors are ventilated below and this has to be maintained with vent pipes under new extensions. We have assumed that this is not required, unless otherwise stated.

17. We have assumed that all necessary permissions have been obtained including permission from your neighbours where applicable.

18. We have not allowed for removing any hazardous materials if any, unless otherwise stated.

19. We have not allowed for using coloured mortars or non standard pointing in facing brickwork unless otherwise stated.

20. When existing electrical, plumbing and heating systems are to be extended we have assumed that they are in good condition and that existing equipment and services have spare capacity to be extended, unless otherwise stated.

21. We have not allowed for installing or moving any utility company meters or services, this must be carried out by the utility companies.

22. Where we have allowed for sanitary ware installation we have not allowed for pumps, power showers, screens, jacuzzies etc or any unusual installations unless otherwise stated.  We have also not allowed for building or fixing vanity units and cupboards unless otherwise stated.

23. We have assumed that water, electricity and W.C facilities will be made available free of charge unless otherwise stated.

24. We have not allowed for boxing in any small waste or service pipes unless otherwise stated.

25. We have not allowed for re-finishing existing walls, ceilings and floors. This may however be necessary if the new walls, ceilings and floors cannot be matched or aligned with the existing.

26. When painting and decoration is excluded from our estimate, we do not allow for any preparation work, rubbing down, filling etc.

27. Inserting cavity trays into existing walls has not been allowed for unless specifically mentioned.

28. Unless otherwise stated we have not carried out a detailed survey therefore, we have assumed that all details on the drawings and specifications are correct, the drawings are to the original scales and all relevant information is shown on the drawings.

29. We have made various "NOTES" throughout our detailed estimate to help clarify how the work has been priced, please ask if you have any queries.

Drawings and Specifications           

30. All correspondence, drawings, specification and amendments must be in written form and either posted to our office address or e-mailed to our office at



31. Contract price and related financial information must be kept confidential between the client, supervising officer and ourselves at all times.



32. We ask you not to enter into any direct, contracts, negotiations or discussions for any work outside our contract during or after our contract with any of our employees and/or sub-contractors and not to make any direct payments to them for any reason, at any time. This can cause many problems, it can invalidate any warrantee given, you may also incur additional charges from us and completion may be delayed.

33. Please ask if you have any queries, we are always pleased to help.